June 04, 2020

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=Measures that Can Help to Combat COVID-19

Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has affected many people from all over the world. Coronavirus is transmitted from one person to the next through having contact with another infected person. Even worse, many people continue to be affected by this coronavirus disease because of the lack of a current vaccination that you can take to stop it from affecting you. The good news is that you can avoid getting affected by the disease by all means if you do it right. The most crucial thing in this matter to have all the required knowledge on covid-19 so that you are conversant with how it spreads and the methods through which you can avoid it. You should keep reading this vital article as it is the ideal piece that you should have if you want to learn about the critical measures that can help to prevent coronavirus from spreading.

When you are in close contact with a sick person who is positive with the covid-19 disease, it means that you can get infected through their respiratory fluids. Speaking, coughing, laughing or sneezing will cause the release of the respiratory droplets of the sick person thus transferring them to the next person close to them through the mouth or nose and from that point, inhaling pushes the virus into your lungs and that is how you get affected. Even when you are in the same household with a person who is infected, you have to always be far from them by at least a meter to ensure that you do not risk getting affected. Apart from that, you should also avoid getting to places where there are mass gatherings.

If going out where you have to meet people is a must, then make sure to have your face fully covered with a cloth or you put on a mask. When you go to public places, make sure that you have a hand sanitizer to rub on your hands often to be sure that you are safe at all times. You have to distance yourself from social gatherings of any sort at all costs to ensure that you are safe and that it can save the rest of the community.

When you want to stay safe, ensure that every cough, sneeze or a blow of your nose is followed by cleaning your hands with clean water and soap; that should take not less than twenty seconds for it to be done effectively. It is highly advisable to stay covered whenever you feel the urge to cough, sneeze or blow your nose because it matters a lot. Under circumstances where there is no water, it is essential to make use of a hand sanitizing agent that is made up of sixty percent alcohol.

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